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The Wonder Weeks e-Program for Parents and Caregivers

Explore Your Baby’s Developing Mind

Our Wonder Weeks e-Program is a unique online program that will open your eyes to the amazing neurodevelopmental journey that your baby makes from birth to 20 months of age, and the 10 wonderful leaps they make on their way. We welcome you to come and immerse yourself in this amazing journey. You will discover what is really going on in your baby’s brain and how to help your little one’s development blossom; helping you to make the most of this special time together.

This highly interactive program is based on our features over 90 observational movies of babies, animations, short lectures, practical exercises, quizzes, and helpful hints, tips, and activities to share with your little one. This program is also based on our professional Infant Mental Health and Development Foundation Program, which has been approved by the British Psychological Society.

We hope that you will enjoy your learning journey and look forward to welcoming you as a Graduate of The Wonder Weeks Academy.

With kindness,

The Wonder Weeks Team


Program Overview

Chapter 1 The Birth of The Wonder Weeks

Chapter 2 Early Neurodevelopment from Womb to Cradle

Chapter 3 The Importance of Early Relationships

Chapter 4 The Language of Babies

Chapter 5 Science Behind The Wonder Weeks

Chapter 6 The World of Changing Sensations (Leap 1)

Chapter 7 The World of Patterns (Leap 2)

Chapter 8 The World of Smooth Transitions (Leap 3)

Chapter 9 The World of Events (Leap 4)

Chapter 10 The World of Relationships (Leap 5)

Chapter 11 The World of Categories (Leap 6)

Chapter 12 The World of Sequences (Leap 7)

Chapter 13 The World of Programmes (Leap 8)

Chapter 14 The World of Principles (Leap 9)

Chapter 15 The World of Systems (Leap 10)


Course Reviews


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  1. A great course for parents


    A great course for parents to understand more about a childs development at different stages. An understanding of signs of a developmental leap is taking place with tips and guidance to explore and encourage your baby/childs development.

  2. Thank you


    This course has given me a deeper insight into my daughters development and given me the tools and ability to help and support them as the go through their developmental leaps.

  3. Great insight into the world of children


    From beginning to end, this course provided a great insight into the world of children from 0-20 months of age. By the end of the course you will understand the vast amount of neurological developments your baby goes through, will be able to identify with your child’s behaviour during each leap and most importantly it will teach you how to help your child through the stormy weather.

  4. Fascinating and engaging


    Fascinating and engaging, we have learned so much about how to support and encourage our little one

  5. Very useful


    I enjoyed this course and could relate to most of the stuff they taught here. U see the whole world of your baby unfold before u and it gives u more insight .

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