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The Wonder Weeks

Infant Mental Health and Development Advanced Program

The Wonder Weeks Observation and Applied Practice

Our Advanced Program is one of the few training opportunities in the world that offers professionals a first-hand, fly on the wall, experience of observing Infant Mental Health and Development in practice. The program begins with the very special opportunity to observe ‘Developmental Portrait’ sessions being conducted with babies and their caregivers. These neurodevelopmental assessment sessions provide caregivers with unique insights into their baby’s skills and abilities, strengths and vulnerabilities. Moms and Dads not only gain a comprehensive overview of their baby’s development, they also discover important aspects of their little one’s personality.

On day two, professionals observe some of our Wonder Weeks Club sessions. These group sessions offer caregivers the special opportunity to engage in developmental enrichment sessions with their babies before each of the 10 Wonder Weeks, or neurodevelopmental leaps. These fun, educational, play sessions provide caregivers with insights about the leap that their baby is approaching. They learn about the changes that are happening in their baby’s brain as they approach the leap, how the leap may affect their baby’s behavior, and the wonderful new skills and abilities that can emerge after the leap. They also learn fun games and activities to help their baby develop to their full potential.

Graduates of our Infant Mental Health and Development Advanced Program are gifted exclusive use of the Graduation Badge for this program. This certifies that Graduates have attained an advanced knowledge and understanding of The Wonder Weeks in theory and practice. Graduates are welcomed to display this badge on their professional portfolio, curriculum vitae, business cards, website, flyers, social media pages, and any other medium that showcases their professional qualifications.

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We hope that you will enjoy your learning journey and look forward to welcoming you as an Advanced Program Graduate of The Wonder Weeks Academy.

The Wonder Weeks Team

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