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Frans X. Plooij with his granddaughter
People are not born once and for all on the day that their mother puts them on to the Earth, but… time and again, life forces them to enter a new world on their own.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

For the past 35 years, we have studied the development of babies and the way mothers, and other caregivers, respond to their changes. Our research was done in homes, where we observed the daily activities of mothers and children. We gleaned further information from more formal interviews. Our research has shown that from time to time all caregivers are plagued by a baby who will not stop crying. In fact, we found that, surprisingly, all normal, healthy babies are more tearful, troublesome, demanding, and fussy at the same ages; and when this occurs they may drive the entire household to despair.

From our research, we are now able to predict, almost to the week, when caregivers can expect their babies to go through one of these ‘fussy phases.’ During these periods, a baby cries for a good reason as they are suddenly undergoing drastic changes in their neurodevelopment, which upsets them. These changes enable babies to learn many new skills and should therefore be a reason for celebration. After all, it is a sign that they are making wonderful progress. But as far as babies are concerned, these changes are bewildering. They are taken aback… everything has changed overnight. It is as if they have entered a whole new world.

Our team is passionate about promoting Infant Mental Health and Development. We continue to devote our time and energies to sharing our expert knowledge with parents, caregivers, and professionals worldwide through The Wonder Weeks Academy. We warmly welcome you to join our Academy programs and discover more about the wonderful world of babies.

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